Who we are

Who we are

MISSION: Contribute to the development of the agritourism and the historical-cultural revival of coffee identity on Ibo Island and the region.

The IBO | Coffee Route platform is developed by INMA, Agro-business, Tourism and Services and supported by the Foundation Carlos Morgado.

INMA is a Mozambican company, based in Pemba, linked to agricultural areas (marketing of agricultural inputs and advisory services), tourism (providing consulting services and technical assistance) and manufacture of beauty products (cosmetics and accessories). Carlos Morgado Foundation is a Mozambican non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the development of Mozambique and is based on programs in education, health, sports and culture.

The platform

The Coffee Route platform is managed by people who appreciate the rich culture of Ibo Island and has deep experience working directly with its communities and this allows us to work with producers to ensure quality standards and defend their interests for a more just remuneration of the production.

The objectives of the Coffee Route platform are:

• Rescue, value and preserve the history of Ibo Island coffee

• Promote the development of projects associated with coffee

• Promote initiatives to adopt best practices in economic, environmental and sociocultural sustainability

The project

The objectives of the Development Project of Ibo Coffee Value Chain are:

• Training of producers to improve the quality, efficiency and expansion of coffee production

• Improve the distribution and commercialization of the coffee

• Dissemination and creation of the brand: Ibo Coffee